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A Few Questions

We just need to learn a few things about your home and energy usage

Utility Bill

Your Utility Bill tells us exactly how much solar your home will need. Each home is different

Review Proposal

We will match you with the best solar provider that meets your goals and expectations

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How Does The Process Work?

It's important to understand that providing a power bill is the first step. Each home is unique and the usage of each household is as well.


Analyze Current Bill

Analyze Current Usage
Every home, homeowner and electric company varies. Your usage and rates determines savings
See If Solar Makes Sense
See options for going full solar, partial solar and battery backup options for your home


Review Solar Proposal

Compare Options
You may want full solar or partial. It all depends on your usage and rates. We will break it down for you
Choose Purchase or Finance
We offer $0 Down and up to $10,000 cash back financing as low as 2.9% or you can buy it outright


Review Solar Design

Roofing and Location
You have options as to where and how Solar is installed. Some are much better than others
Permits and Design
Once you sign off on your perfect solar install, we will get the permits approved and get to work


Solar Installed! Time to Save

Installation Day
The process takes anywhere from 1 day to a few days to complete. We thoroughly test your system and make sure it can handle any usage levels you may need
Guarantee & Warranty
Your system is guaranteed for 25 Years and research shows after 25 Years, panels still produce 90% of their original output
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For Realtors, Roofers and all other Professionals

Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Roofers, and Others can earn extra income by helping their clients by referring them to a great Solar provider.

Earn Extra Money On The Side Without the Hustle

Are you an influencer, marketer, social butterfly, or looking to earn some extra money on the side? We will pay you for each person that is interested in going Solar

Are you a Solar Provider?

We are nationwide and always looking for great local Solar Companies in every Zip Code to partner with

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Going Solar was easy and I thought it would be a chaotic mess. I thought the power would be off for a week, and my roof might get destroyed. It was an excellent experience with Eric from Powur. He and his team were top notch start to finish. I would recommend anyone use Eric or SolRefer if they need to find the best solar company.

Sarah S
via Facebook

A+ Service. I used SolRefer to find the best provider in Mesa and they linked me up with Adam. His team put on the latest panels and they look beautiful. I saved money of course and there were no surprises or hidden fees.

Charles M
via Google

Brad and Power Connections were a class act from start to finish. I ended up needing a new roof and a bunch of electric work. My home was a mess before and my home was essentially leaking power, which made my bill over $500 some months for a 4 bedroom 2200 sqft home with no pool. I pay under $300 now and that includes a bunch of work and a new roof.

Marc P
via BBB

I was really hesitate to go solar because I have heard great things and bad things. Luckily I found Nick and his team and they were amazing. They were honest, upfront about everything and my install was a breeze. True to their word, I have a $0 power bill and my solar bill is a little over half of what I paid.

Stephanie J
via Trustpilot
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