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A New Approach to Solar Leads and Marketing.

A Win-Win

Guaranteed Sit Appointments

We are experts at marketing and lead generation. It all started in Real Estate 15 Years ago and we have grown to launch this branch that exclusively focuses on Solar. We have spent millions to dial in our systems and employ the best minds and talent in the digital world. We will send you opportunities that convert at higher rates and our advertising doesn't pitch fairy tales like Free Solar or Free Batteries. We set the right expectations so our prospects turn into clients. Our Appointments are Qualified, Verified and Guaranteed to attend a Presentation with you or you don't pay.

Verified Homeowners that actually want to receive a presentation
Leads Come from Referrals, Call Centers, Affiliates & Paid Ads
Pay as You Go or Pre-Paid Discounts

Step 1

We Get The Leads & Call

We provide incentives to everyday people, professionals, and affiliate marketers to ask their friends, family, and clients if they are interested in solar. When someone expresses interest we pre-qualify them for solar over the phone and ensure they are the homeowner, run a soft credit check, and verify roof shade. If it all checks out, they move on to be matched to a Solar Pro.

Step 2

Receive the Appointment

The Appointment will come over via Text, Email and Google Sheet, that way you can connect Zapier to your CRM if needed. The power bill will be attached or will be presented at the time of appointment. Some clients prefer Zoom but most will be in-person. If the client cancels and does not re-book with you within 15 Days, the appointment is refunded back to you. Our goal is be your #1 Source of new Solar Deals

Step 3

Attend The Appointment

When you attend the appointment, make sure to update your Google sheet on the status, this makes sure we can track where the best appointments are coming from. Based on our feedback and data from Solar Companies we work with, 30-60% turn into signed deals, our goal is the get you towards the higher end so you can close more deals than you ever expected

Premium Services

Predictable and Steady Deal Flow that Keeps Your Team Busy

Wouldn't it be nice to know that for every $50 you spent you would close a 10/KW System? That's the average we seeing from other Solar Companies we work with

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

You Can Pre-Pay or Choose Pay As You Go. The Benefit of Pre-Paying is Discounted Rates and Guaranteed First Right of Refusal to Appointments.

We can re-book them or you can. If the client is not responsive within 15 days, it would be refunded. We do follow up after the appointment to get feedback from the client

Yes! But not at the beginning. We need to build a relationship and trust with each other as some of our lead/appointment sources are based on closed-deal compensation. It can take as little as 30 days to move to this program. 

You can choose your markets by City, State, County or Zip Codes. The bigger the better! We unfortunately don't target by Utility Providers because in some markets that data is not available to us. On the flipside, some Zip Codes have an exclusive Utility Company, which you probably already know. 

Yes! That's the best part! Aside from us Qualifying, Verifying and Guaranteeing each Appointment, we also send each potential client to just one Solar Professional. You don't have to worry about us pinning you up against competition. However, we cannot stop them from shopping. But the client will confirm that we only matched them to one Company.